International Schools in Thailand.

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British International School in Chonburi, Thailand

Situated on an 80-acre campus 20 minutes outside of Pattaya, Rugby School Thailand brings together the traditional values of a 450-year British private school and the rich, rolling countryside and fresh air of Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, Chonburi.

Unlike other International Schools in Thailand, our School is based on the British private school model and we offer an educational experience like no other. The Rugby ethos is ‘the whole person, the whole point’. Pupils not only reach their academic potential, but also develop moral values, compassion, confidence, a sense of responsibility and social skills. Our method of teaching and learning recognises the importance of education outside, as well as within, the classroom: mind, body and spirit – the ‘whole person’. Our pupils are encouraged to challenge the limits in their academic potential, while benefiting from the breadth of opportunity within our school days.

Rugby School Thailand makes the most of its glorious countryside location. We are not a city school where children inhale city pollution, sit in city traffic, and grow addicted to city smartphones and tablets. Our children enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, full of variety and full of the right kind of stimulation. Following the proven British private school model, we aim to become a benchmark for international education in Thailand, Asia and the world.

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British International School in Chonburi, Thailand

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